Features :

- The articulated frame of the XL and XLT models is a unique and patented concept which allows to work around bends by sending the drag to the exterior of the bend. In this way curves are groomed in one single run of the drag.  This system allows you to move easily between the trees in narrow wooden trails.

- The ''keep-in'' concept of the frame keeps all the snow inside the drag.

- Offers a considerable fuel economy thank's to a studied cutter angle and arrangement, to quickly process snow (no snow transport causing fuel robbing friction).

- Four wheels raising system for more stability and offering more ground contact on the trail when the drag is lifted and, if a flat tire occurs, it is possible to go on (available on the LN and CL series).

- The frame is built of inch tubular steel.

- The front lever system is equipped with an anti-scalp device (available on the LN and CL series) allowing it to float or not on a hardned trail.

- The sides are equipped with guides allowing for minimum friction to cause the least damage possible when in contact with trees.

- The compactor plate is rounded at the rear allowing to back-up without having to raise the drag.

- The pivot system allows the compactor to stay in a horizontal position no matter the height of the rear blades.

- The rear-leveling cutters distribute snow evenly to the compactor plate so that no areas are left without snow, offering a uniform compact surface.

- The lateral lever system allows for uniformity of trail heights when they are being widened.It also keeps the trail higher to the exterior of the curves.

- The taper frame gradual widening concept allows to avoid impact with trees. The front of the drag is narrower then the tractor, it gradually widens to the rear to reach its nominal width.

- The drag comes in different versions: 8 ft, 8.5 ft, 9 ft, 9.5 ft and 10 ft wide. Or customized to your needs.

- Our drags has a hook tongue attachment system for hydrostatic groomers or four tracks tractors, we also offer ram steer for two tracks tractors.

- We also customize our drags to your specific needs as for lenght, width, number of blades, accessories such as the snow retainer tunnel, different size branch cutters ETC.  


- All our products come with a one year parts and labour warranty.




  Overview of the dimensionnal drawings  






Our products are protected by  :

Canadian patent : 2 645 016     United states patent : 7,802,383 B2



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